received email from edithanne

March 21, 2006

so nice to get email from edithanne.  i am so excited about my own blog, when will i get it going?

wrote to edithanne about finkelstein and his critics. i am still studying him.

back on dsl, back on my period

March 21, 2006

march 20th, 4:15 pm.

very rainy day, very cold and this is march 20th? stayed home all day waiting for dsl person to show up.  both phone and dsl got connected today. so glad that wrinkly man in 101 acted up yesterday, i do prefer having my dsl at home.

very surprises about my period, it has been at least two years if not more. must see a doc soon.

still fuming over that guy in addis.  so much hate for him and i still worry about his life. this is a little boy that never made it to be a man.

Hello world!

March 20, 2006

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